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Traction Kit


Traction Kit for coating crawler/ tractor wheels.

Crocodile Composite's Traction Kit is designed to include everything you need to coat your own crawler wheels with Die Hard 2 shards.

The many advantages of this kit include: introducing wear resistant and chemical resistant traction for your crawler wheels, a low cost solution to buying new wheels. With this kit you are able to bring life back to old, worn out wheels. In under 30 minutes this do it yourself kit with step by step instructions is the key to running an efficient and affordable crawler.

Each kit can coat a surface area of 36 square inches, two full sets (8 wheels total) of 3" wheels.

Includes: 2 part wear and chemical resistant epoxy, crushed PDC shards, nitrile gloves, plastic sheet, spreading/ mixing tool & instructions.

Please email for a quote on larger/ custom size kits

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